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Interview With Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler New Jersey: The King of Behavorial Health

Marcus Butler from New Jersey is a family man and an entrepreneur set on changing the world for the better. In his view and ours, mental health is an issue that has been ignored long enough by this administration and past administrations as well. Now it’s time for practical, efficient, and thorough mental health solutions to be implemented nationwide. That’s the goal of New Jersey’s Marcus Butler.

From New Jersey Native to Treatment Superstar

Utilizing his 5 years of adult rehabilitation skills, Marcus started the company RecoveryLinks, whose purpose was to market to people who were seeking rehab during or after inpatient care. After running this company for a while, he discovered just how many people were seeking inpatient rehabilitation. That’s when he knew he had to do something bigger.

Using his business management skills, he took a directorship at facilities such as Choices Private Recovery and Angelridge recovery centers. Marcus was able to completely enhance the programs in each facility which allowed more individuals to successfully complete the programs.

Next, Marcus Butler created and acquired detox programs based in hospitals for Medicare and Medicaid patients. However, his main focus continues to be on the underserved homeless and veterans.

Detoxification in Behavorial Health Facilities

Detoxification in the context of mental health refers to when a person returns to homeostasis after long-term addictive use of a substance. Addictive substances fall under the broad categories of alcohol and drugs, and each of these have their own respective detoxification processes.

Alcohol detoxification is extremely important for a person to have successful alcohol withdrawal. Without detoxification, severe health problems can occur. In addition, the detoxification process must deal with the underlying addiction which caused the alcoholism in the first place.

The main purpose of drug detoxification is to reduce withdrawal symptoms. It’s the first of many steps on the road to becoming addiction free, since it’s the withdrawal symptoms that encourage many addicts to continue seeking their next fix. Drug detoxification programs can last for several months and often include community counseling and therapy to help with the withdrawal process.

IOP (intensive outpatient) facilities are the next things on the agenda. These will be a part of the company Sanative Health. Marcus Butler founded Santative Health from his New Jersey office.

“IOPs are the wave of the future when it comes to treatment programs. We are able to treat more clients are a lower end cost to the client with better health outcomes” says Marcus Butler.

But what exactly are IOPs?

They are a type of treatment and support program used mainly for treating mental health problems that don’t rely on detoxification. These include eating disorders, chemical dependency, bipolar disorder, self harm, and the biggest one: depression.

Like most other IOP facilities, Marcus Butler’s New Jersey facilities include addiction treatment programming for individuals at night time or morning.

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