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Touchscreen Order Systems are Taking Over Fast Casual to Fine Dining

This may be a smartphone age, but our lives are becoming a series of kiosk stops, from ATMs and supermarket checkouts to airlines and gas stations.

And now, increasingly, there’s the fast-food kiosk.

Kiosks have one main purpose: to save time. And an industry that dubs itself “quick service” has zero choice but to pay serious attention to any device that espouses to shave seconds—if not minutes—off each order. That might explain why such familiar names as McDonald’s and Panera Bread are spending millions of dollars to roll out touch-screen kiosks in stores.

Q) Ok, so what exactly is touchscreen ordering?

A) In a nutshell, guests place food or drink orders on tablet menus or kiosks. Think of touchscreen ordering as a guest-facing POS system. Customers browse a digital version of your menu, then place their own orders. Their selections are sent straight to the kitchen and instantly synced with the venue’s actual POS system. Some ordering devices even allow guests to pay on the device using their credit card or smartphone (known as NFC or mobile payment).

Q) What kinds of bars and restaurants use touchscreen ordering?

A) From fast casual to fine dining, chains to independents everyone is getting in on it. Been in a Panera lately? You may have noticed self-serve kiosks near the entrance. Guests can place orders and even pay – skipping the line. While kiosks are best for quick-service operations, tablet menus are more versatile. You’ll find tablet menus everywhere from fine dining restaurants to sports bars.

Buffalo Wild Wings is another restaurant that has embraced digital dining. In early 2018, B-Dubs locations took touchscreen ordering…tableside. Guests can browse a digital menu, place orders, and even pay – all on tablet menus.

Big chains aren’t the only ones getting in on the touchscreen ordering trend. Independents are going all in for tablet menus and kiosks, too.

Q) Is touchscreen ordering just a fad?

A) The self-order market has tripled…since 2017. If you made it to the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this May, you already know the answer. Self-order systems dominated the NRA show floor. In 2017, there were just 12 types of touchscreen ordering systems. That number nearly tripled in 2018. From tablet menus to kiosks, it was all touchscreen everything. Today, companies like UEAT are making it easy, fast, and affordable to integrate touchscreen ordering into your existing website or app.

Q) So bar and restaurant managers are excited, what about customers?

A) 73% want restaurant tech at that fingertips. Toast POS surveyed over 1,200 diners in 2017 to discover that 73% believe that technology – like touchscreen ordering – improves their restaurant visit. And the National Restaurant Association found that 79% of customers believe it makes their experience more convenient.

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